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LoVe! Land of Venice

Within the project, the mixing of tourism and culture is considered a key asset for the recovery of Venetian companies after the Covid19 outbreak. It is also strategic for the development of Veneto as an international destination. Love!’s goal is to consolidate tourist products belonging to different themes and destinations, by focusing on the integration of tourism and the creative and cultural offer with a sustainable and slow approach.

LoVe POC - Casa Flora Venezia

Eligible expenditure € 709.428,63
Public funding awarded € 10.000,00 of € 539.396,90

Operation carried out using funding POC Complementary Operational Program 2014-2020 Veneto Region

Axis 3 – Competitiveness of production systems
Action 3.3.4 Sub. D Promotion

D.G.R. n. 1392 of 16 September 2020 / Call for activation, development, consolidation of aggregations of SMEs for interventions on national and international markets to encourage the recovery of tourist demand towards destinations and tourist products of the Region in cohe- rence with the coordinated image of the Veneto Region «Veneto, The Land of Venice»




San Marco 2313

30124 Venise, Italie

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